The mission of ICC is to provide a place for Muslims to get together for religious and social events and to provide religious education for children. In addition by efforts and action programs we hope to promote building of communities of Muslims in the region of Waterloo and surrounding regions.


to promote and advance the spiritual teachings of Islam in Canada and to give a good understanding of Islam to everyone and to clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

to establish good relations with the Community at large by reaching out and helping out in common activities that intend to relieve the suffering of others or help to create harmony, mutual respect and tolerant environment.



Friday Announcements | September 23, 2016

  • ISOC is conducting a Sunday school and Sheikh Fuad Gaya is the instructor. This is a good opportunity for children who do not attend regular Islamic school or evening Quran classes to gain Islamic education. The program has began as of Sunday | September 18, 2016 InshaAllah and will run from 10:30AM to 2:00PM. Interested parents may call the office to register their children and to get more details of the program.
  • ISOC is requesting a male and a female volunteer from the community who can help the school with organized sport activities for it's students from Monday through Friday between 9:00AM – 12:00PM OR 2:00PM – 3:00PM for a total of two hours each week. Please contact the office if you can volunteer your time and expertise for this great cause.
  • The 2nd Annual Run for Palestine will be held on Saturday | September 24, 2016 starting at 9:00AM at Bechtel Park in Waterloo.
  • We would like to kindly remind all our community members that made pledges during the last fundraising dinner, to please bring in their cheques to the office during office hours.
  • ISOC would like to remind our parents that we have an excellent "Evening Quran Class" program. This runs from 6:00PM – 8:00PM | Monday to Thursday for children 5 and up. With separate classes for boys and girls, please inquire in the office for additional information.
  • Our community has kindly donated "Qurbani" meat, any needy family wishing to collect "Qurbani" meat may come to the office during office hours.
  • Please come support our children attending the Islamic School of Cambridge, who will be performing on stage Saturday | September 24, 2016 at the Cambridge International Festival. The event will be held at Riverside Park, performance will be at 1:15PM onwards.