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Dear Community Member,

The ICC has long been known for excellent service and attention to details when it comes to making sure the needs of our Muslim community members are being met. We have been listening to you and are committed to providing the kinds of services the community needs. The Islamic Centre of Cambridge (ICC) is pleased to announce a new funeral funding program.

The program is now available to you. Please see the attached brochure for your reference. The brochure explains all the details. Helping you during a difficult time!

Losing a loved one is difficult and having to arrange a funeral can be overwhelming and confusing. We are here to help make things a little easier.

Yours truly,

Khalid Khokhar

Executive Director

(519) 716-6855

The ICC is now offering a full funeral financial support program. This program will help members of our community to cover the high cost of funerals. Please see the full Information booklet for details on how the program works.