Transportation - OBTAINING BURIAL PERMIT - Ghusl & preparation of body - arranging burial - documentation

 ICC Funeral Services

The Islamic Centre of Cambridge provides complete funeral and burial services to the Muslim communities of the Waterloo Region (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and townships), Wellington County (Guelph, Fergus, and townships), Brant County, Brantford, Milton and the City of Stratford., for more than 30 years. ICC follows Islamic values and dictates and strives to provide the absolute best service to the community when dealing with the death of a loved one. At present, the ICC has a fully licensed funeral facility, two licensed Funeral Directors, a cold storage for bodies, and has acquired several graves at the New Hope Cemetery (owned and operated by the Municipality of the City of Cambridge).

What should I do when someone close to me has passed away?

When someone has passed away, one should call the Islamic Centre of Cambridge at 519-740-6855 ext. 313 during our regular office hours:

Monday – Friday    9:00 am to 5:00 pm

When you call us, please provide the name of the deceased and his/her whereabouts. If you are leaving a message, give us the details and you will be contacted soon after. If possible, please fill in a Funeral Intake Form and email it to or drop it off at the ICC office. 

In the case of an emergency and/or outside of regular hours, please contact one of the following phone numbers:


Contact Number

Mohammad Darr


Funeral Director

Tel:  519-651-9597

Khalid Khokhar

(Executive Director)

Tel:  519-716-6855


 After the Initial Call to the ICC

 After receiving your call, the Islamic Centre of Cambridge will take charge and make the necessary arrangements. The following arrangements (services) are offered by us:

  • The body of the deceased Muslim is picked up from the hospital and transported to the Islamic Centre of Cambridge
  • The body of the deceased person will lie in rest in the cool room at ICC
  • Volunteers give Ghusl (bath) to the deceased. There are two teams (Male and Female) of volunteers available for this particular task 
  • Along with the family, ICC will announce the information at prayer times about the death of the deceased and funeral arrangements, including Janazah prayer time, burial time and location 
  • The shroud (Kafan Cloth) provided is made from white fabric and prepared according to the Sunnah 
  • A simple and sturdy Casket (wooden box) is provided 
  • Salat-ul-Janazah is arranged at the Islamic Centre of Cambridge 
  • The body is transported from the Islamic Centre of Cambridge to the Cemetery 
  • The Islamic Centre of Cambridge arranges for the grave to be opened and the burial takes place according to the Islamic way. Currently, the Islamic Centre of Cambridge has made arrangements for burial at the New Hope Cemetery in Cambridge (Hespeler) where a section has been allocated for Muslim burials


Financial Assistance for Funerals

The ICC is now offering a full funeral financial support program. This program will help members of our community to cover the high cost of funerals. Please see the full Information booklet for details on how the program works.