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EST. 1982

The mission of ICC is to provide a place for Muslims to get together for religious and social events and to provide religious education for children. In addition by efforts and action programs we hope to promote building of communities of Muslims in the region of Waterloo and surrounding regions. Objectives to promote and advance the spiritual teachings of Islam in Canada and to give a good understanding of Islam to everyone and to clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims to establish good relations with the Community at large by reaching out and helping out in common activities that intend to relieve the suffering of others or help to create harmony, mutual respect and tolerant environment.

سَیِّدُ الْقَوْمِ خَادِمُهُمْ

The leader of a people is their servant.

Board of Directors

Mohammad Darr

Mohammad Darr


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Asim Chughtai

Vice Chairman
Finance Director


Mohammad Alam

Events Coordinator

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Naseem Mian

Facilities & Operations


Pervaiz Chaudhary



Nabil Kaake

Religious Activities


Abdul Rashid


History of ICC

1980 – Purchased an old schoolhouse on Wellington Road 32 under the banner of Pakistan Canada Association 

1983 – Registered as a charitable organization & incorporated 

1984– Purchased piece of land on Dunbar Road & zone was changed to build a place of worship

1987 – Joined Canadian Islamic Trust 

1988 – Phase I of The Islamic Centre of Cambridge was started 

1989 – Phase I of The Islamic Centre of Cambridge was completed

1992 – Established Islamic School of Cambridge, a full-time Islamic School with a Hifz program

1995 – Phase II of The Islamic Centre of Cambridge was started, but halted due to a lack of funds

2004 – Phase II of The Islamic Centre of Cambridge was completed 

2017 – Asked for community involvement in Phase III — Community Centre including gymnasium & school 

2018 – Exited CIT 

2018 – Partnered with State of Kuwait for expansion Project 

2022 – Phase III is complete

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إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ,

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