New Expansion

New Expansion

Demonstrated Need: Islamic Centre of Cambridge (ICC) has been established to provide unique and quality services to the Cambridge and surrounding communities, mainly in 3 major areas:
1) Religion
2) Educational
3) Community Social Services

ICC believes in building “Strong Community for a Better Future” by working together with its partners. By the grace of Allah, ICC and International School of Cambridge (ISOC) together are playing an excellent role as pioneers in the above mentioned areas, since 1983. However, due to growing nature of the community the existing facilities of the centre do not have enough space to provide quality social services. On top of that, it is time to build a visionary multipurpose building within ICC premise to fulfill the need of our future generations. Thus, ICC is planning to build “A Multipurpose Building for Quality Community Services – A Community Centre” in order to cater the growing needs of the community.

Construction Details

The facilities of the new building are as follows:

– 20,000 Square Feet Area
– Meeting Rooms for Seniors
– Family Counselling Room
– Support for New Comers
– Sports and Recreational Facilities for Youth
– Workout Room
– Additional Parking

Cost Projection

Estimated Cost of Building Project | $ 6,000,000