Halls and Kitchen Rental

Halls and Kitchen Rental

The ICC lends its facility (halls and kitchen) and property (tables and chairs) at affordable rates for private gatherings and functions. For reservations, please check with the office at 519 740 6855 ext 300.

– Rental of Hall A, Hall B and kitchen

– Rental of chairs and tables

Terms and Conditions for Renting Facilities at ICC

1. Only tables, chairs, garbage bins, garbage bags will be supplied by ICC.
2. Food and beverages will be not allowed in the hallways, prayer areas and parking lot.
3. Parking on driveways and Fire routes is strictly prohibited (Vehicle can be towed at owner’s expense).
4. The number of persons attending the event should not exceed the number specified in the application.
5. Setting up and storing away of the tables and chairs will be the responsibility of the applicant.
6. No function of un-Islamic nature will be allowed on ICC premises. Islamic behavior and code of ethics will be expected by the participants.
7. Cooking or warming and / or serving of food through the kitchen not allowed if it not rented.
8. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the ICC building and grounds and shall see that all regulations in this contract are strictly observed.
9. The Exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times.
10. Smoking is NOT permitted at any time inside the building and on the premises.
11. No wiring shall be modified for stage lighting and sound systems including P.A. systems.
12. Financial responsibility for any damages to the ICC property will be borne by Person (s) “Responsible” as listed on application.
13. No storage space is available or granted to outside organizations.
14. This permit does not include the use of the picnic area.
15. Activities must be confined to facilities assigned to applicant / organizations.
16. Any changes to the application, i.e., change of Date, Time, Space or equipment must be notified to the management 2 weeks prior to the event.
17. The applicant and/or the event workers will in no manner hold the ICC responsible against any and all claims for damages against persons or property which may be brought during, or as a consequence of this agreement.
18. During the period of use, the applicant will be responsible for payment of any fee charged by a Municipality or Fire department for a false fire alarm.
19. The full payment should be received by ICC one week prior to the event.