About ICC

Mission & Vision

The mission of ICC is to provide a place for Muslims to get together for religious and social events and to provide religious education for children. In addition by efforts and action programs we hope to promote building of communities of Muslims in the region of Waterloo and surrounding regions. Objectives to promote and advance the spiritual teachings of Islam in Canada and to give a good understanding of Islam to everyone and to clear misconceptions about Islam and Muslims to establish good relations with the Community at large by reaching out and helping out in common activities that intend to relieve the suffering of others or help to create harmony, mutual respect and tolerant environment.

Islamic Centre of Cambridge

1550 Dunbar Road
Cambridge, ON N1R 8J5
Tel: 519-740-6855
Fax: 519-624-5333
Email: info@iccambridge.com


Financial Support for ICC

ICC is supported financially by its members through membership dues and donations from Muslims in the region and in Canada at large. The ICC does not receive any financial support from any government agency.



Open to all Muslims irrespective of color, race national origin and ethnicity. The ICC is run by its “Board of Directors” on behalf of its members.


Regular Services & Activities

– Five Daily Congregational Prayers and Friday Prayers
– Full Time Islamic School JK to Gr.8
– Taraweeh Prayers During Ramadan
– Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Adha Prayers and Celebrations
– Funeral and Burial Arrangements
– Officiating Marriage & Registration
– Lectures/Seminars for Muslims and Community at Large
– Evening Classes for Children
– Summer Camps
– Tour of the Facilities
– Islamic, Cultural and Children’s Library
– Seniors Programs
– Counselling, Consultation & Assistance for Community Members and New Canadians