Nikah services

“There is no marriage except with a Wali.”

Book 11, Hadith 22

“Announce this marriage, and beat the sieve for it.”

Book 9, Hadith 51

ICC offers full nikah services, including:

  • Performing of the marriage by a licensed Marriage Officiant (Imam)
  • Islamic Marriage Certificate
  • Documentation (filling in the marriage license)
  • Registering the marriage with the Government of Ontario
  • Assisting with preparations
  • Hall rental for the reception.   

For all marriages, the following is needed:

Marriage License from City Hall
Names and addresses of two (2) male Muslim witnesses
Name of the wali
Amount of the mahr
Location of the nikah

To Book a Nikah, please call 519-740-6855

Outside office hours, please call 514-518-4692