Welcome Syrian Refugees

Our sponsored “Syrian Family” may be arriving in the first week of November 2016. No date has been given at this point.

The family consists of husband, wife and a young child about 6 year old.

We are in the process of looking for an apartment for them in Cambridge, closer to the Islamic Centre of Cambridge.

Secondly, we will be in need of Arabic speaking individuals who can communicate with the family.

Thirdly, we have compiled a list of items that are needed to furnish the apartment. A list will be posted on the bulletin board as well as on our official website. The list will also be sent through email for your consideration.

You may have the items at home that you may donate. Please make sure the items must be in good shape and care.

Please let the office know and we will guide you when to bring them. Please do not drop them off at the Centre.

Community is requested to donate items from the list Click Here to View