July Friday Announcement


  • Our General Annual Meeting of the Islamic Center of Cambridge is to be held on Sunday, August 7, 2016 in Hall B, commencing at 2:00pm. It is important that we all attend this meeting in order for all discussions and decisions concerning the center to be validated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Akhtar Malik or Mr. Mohammad Darr at the earliest.
  • ICC is inviting resumes for a full time position in the masjid. This position is that of an assistant Imam. Please submit your resumes to the office as soon as possible. The summer office hours are 9am to 1pm Monday to Thursday and 11:30am to 3:30pm on Fridays.
  • Cambridge Muslim Society Masjid on Elgin Street is inviting a guest speaker Moulana Osman Khattani from South Africa for their Ijtama going from Friday Asr prayer to Sunday Zuhur prayer. The guest speaker will be speaking tonight to the Ijtama at Maghrib Salah.


  • Directors of the Islamic Centre of Cambridge feel regret for the unfortunate incident which occurred on Wednesday July 6th Eid morning. Action will be taken accordingly. We must be respectful towards the visiting guests and do not take matters into your own hands in public. You can have a private meeting to reflect your concerns with the Chairman and Imam.
  • The ICC Summer Camp will begin next week Monday. All Summer Camp volunteers are required to come for a meeting here at the Islamic School of Cambridge after Jum'a prayers. If anyone has not yet signed up for volunteering for the summer camp, but wants to volunteer, they can come for this meeting as well. This Friday after Jum'a Salaah.
  • Alhamdulillah we have completed the Weekly Article competition, and we have three winners, they are Arwa Falak (with Amna and Maryam), Nasir Iqbal and Abdul Mannan.